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Evolution's Business and Sales Books

More content for your business means more blog posts, product descriptions, social ads, and whatever your brand needs to sell more of and scale faster. Consistent and quality content is a roadblock for a lot of businesses online, but with a North Star content plan, it won’t be a blocker for your growth.

3 Pillar PDF Book Evolution Inc

3 Pillar System.

This simple, proven 3 Pillar System works to fill the funnel and keep the clients and cash flow coming in.

What you will develop:

• A well-thought-out proof plan for consistent and predictable results

• Position yourself so that prospects can find you.

• Build prosperous relationships

• Close the deal; Sell More Now

• Free Bonus: 3 Pillars Checklist


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Secrets to Building a Mastermind Program.

A plan is required for successful products; obtain that plan quickly!

What you will develop:

• Begin preparing your program, and format.

• Make a plan, and all processes will run smoothly.

• Generate a new source of income

• Expand your client base and establish your market position.

• Increase your social media following.

• Optimize your development and growth by strategizing your position.

• How to find and screen your ideal members


5k Master Mind ebook Evolution Inc
ebook 7 day sales strategy Evolution Inc

Turning Leads to Clients in 7 days.

Learn to define your client, learn your audience, learn opt-ins, and learn the balance between offers and information (that's huge)!

What you will develop:

• Create an eye-catching subject line.

• Design your ideal funnel.

• Identify your client and your target audience.

• Develop an enticing call to action

• Campaigns and email automation


Create A Side Hustle.

Plan out your side hustle and create more income in just one weekend. So get started now, today!

What you will develop:

• A Completely Sustainable Side Hustle (From Idea to Operation)

• Identify Your Ideal Client and Learn How to Market to Them

• Learn how to tell where you fit into the market place.

• Who Your Competitors Are and How You Can Stand Out

• How to Create Your Own Unique Selling Point

• Creating Your Sales Funnel and Hosting Your Launch Party


ebook create a side hustle Evolution Inc

Master Business Collection.

This collection gives you everything you will need to think of, plan, execute, market, advertise, and scale a business. You will get;

  • 3 Pillar System
  • Create a side hustle in a weekend
  • 5K Master Plan
  • 7 Days leads to Sales
  • Multi-Media Made Easy
  • Time [Strategize to Maximize]
  • Onboarding Clients


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