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Pay off your bills sooner, get out of debt faster, build a legacy business, create financial freedom and have more personal time, go on vacation without saving up and planning. Get free swipe files, library access, printables, media plans and more...

Learn to generate higher converting leads and sales, build a successful team, create a 6+ figure business strategy, create multiple revenues, learn systems to simplify your operations, controlled mindset, and more...

24-7 support and available coaching services, weekly accountability support, learn new strategies and systems for scaling, plan your customized 6+ figure roadmap, online and offline strategies for continual growth and more...

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Learn what is missing and what you need to do to achieve your goals! STOP! REPEATING WHAT ISN'T WORKING! 


Take charge today, and change your life! When that is done you will take leaps and bounds!!! YES, you know what you need

What our clients are saying 'Testimonials'

"People say change is hard. Jade made it super simple to navigate and succed. Her team coached and mentored me through the process easily. I was lucky to have Jade as an executive coach when I needed to change. I learned a lot from her on dealing with leadership challenges, building a high-performing team, and providing a vision to guide and scale my business. Jade helped me identify mastery leadership skills I need to keep growing."

"I hired Jade, to bring her design skills and project management expertise to the creation of my online site and business. I am so pleased to declare that Jade conducted herself with the utmost professionalism, demonstrating excellent service, creativity, and attention to the details. I enthusiastically recommend Jade to my associates or anyone else."

"Jade is a very talented and innovated marketing strategist. When it comes to graphic design, she is very creative and with her knowledge and expertise, produces amazing pieces. She is passionate and it shows in the quality of her work. I believe she brings a remarkable energy, confidence, passion, and vigorous creativity to her clients. She would be my one source for creating a brand that is a trend setter."

~ Angie (Yuk Yuks)

~ Michelle M. (Grab Your Destiny)

~ Gordon P. 


#1 Personalized Coaching and Custom Training. 

#2 Accountability, Support & Growth Planning/Change Sessions.

#3 Access to our collections of resources, white papers & rolodex

#4 Startegic Planning to Scale Your Business with Sustainability.

#5 SMART Goal Business Plan for the year (6+ Figure Plan).

#6 24-7 Support Group with Businesses alike in a private group.

#7 On-Demand Content, Training's and Industry Leader Interviews.

#8 Access to Highly Educated and Seasoned Coaches, Leaders & Experts.

#9 Mindset & Organization/Personal Growth and Mastery Training. 

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF BEING A MEMBER: A Network of new connections, New clients and resources that work for you... and lots more!

Elevate: Game-Changing Growth and Mastery Program:

In just 12 months you can increase YOUR results 10-120%. What would that mean to you? Actually reach your goals faster, get BIGGER returns, master change & growth, plus achieve what you want too!

  • ​​Weekly Strategy Coaching (Opportunities for 1:1 hot seats) (Value of $487)
  • Weekly Online Marketing Group Training Sessions (Opportunities for 1:1 hot seats) (Value of $475) 
  • Private Facebook Group (where every question is answered, along with insights from members) (Added Value)
  • Your own Evolution Accountability Coach (keeps you on track, focused, and motivated) (Value of $1100) 
  • ​​Audios, Videos, Templates, White Papers, and More (How-tos on everything you need) (Value of $497)
  • Exclusive Interviews and Webinars with Guest Experts (Topics YOU select) (Added Value Service- Priceless)
  • Access to Private Business Resources, Partners, Discounts.... (Tools and services we TRUST) (Value of $3700)
  • ​Access to the Private Membership Site (Mobile App - Coming Soon) & 24-7 support. (Value of $1765) 

  •   Unsurpassed valuable content from today's CEO'S, MBA'S, & LEADER'S  
  •   Long term sustainable, strategic growth planning.  
  •   An UNSTOPPABLE plan that puts you together on the track.  
  •   A full working team, 24-7 online support & Industry training.  
  •   No Failing, only forward movements.

INDUSTRY SECRET: THE ONLY KEYS NEEDED TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS: Working strategies & plans, Guidance and Support. Jump in-start achieving what YOU want!

Save 10% when you Pay-in-full or, Choose our easy affordable monthly payment Plan.

Elevate, is a self-liquidating program! It's a fraction of the cost to have a Marketing Department, Human Resources, A Business Coach, Seminars & Classes. Why would you now choose to pay more for less, when you now get more resources for a lot less with Elevate!